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Draw and Write Together: Animal Sound Parade

Show magazine pictures of animals to children. Ask them to name the animals, then sort the sounds each make on a two-column chart titled “Loud/Soft.”

Draw and Write Together: Sound Book

Have children collectively make a number book of sounds modeled on the book City Lullaby. Keep the book in the Writing Center for children to view.

Draw and Write Together: Sources of Sounds

Review the “Sounds We Hear” chart with children. Encourage children to share what they have learned about sound. Record any new ideas on the chart.

Draw and Write Together: We Went Walking #1

Construct a rebus chart with children of sounds they heard on their listening walk.

Learn About Letters Together: Letters in Our Names (“Nn”)

Use the Letters in Our Name Routine to help children recognize the letter “Nn” in their names.

Play Together: "Alphabet Hokey Pokey"

Have children review the letters “Oo,” “Ss,” “Nn,” and “Qq” as they sing “Alphabet Hokey Pokey” with you.

Read Together: City Lullaby #2

Reread City Lullaby as you focus on the story as a number book and have children count the objects on the page.

Read Together: Educator’s Choice, Unit 3, Week 1

Read a book focusing on sounds and how they are made.

Read Together: Educator’s Choice, Unit 3, Week 2

Revisit one of the books from the week or the video Between the Lions “Night in the Country” and focus on the sounds in the story.

Read Together: Max Found Two Sticks #1

Read the book Max Found Two Sticks by Jerry Pinkney. Have children use materials to create sounds like Max made in the story.

Read Together: Night in the Country #2

Invite children to use their voices, bodies, or objects to make some of the sounds in the book.  

Read Together: The Listening Walk #1

Read a story about a girl who goes on a listening walk and guide children to make connections to their own explorations of sound.

Read Together: The Listening Walk #2

Reread The Listening Walk by Paul Showers and have children close their eyes and imagine the different sounds the girl hears on her walk.

Recite Together: “Night Music”

Read aloud and discuss the poem “Night Music” about the nighttime sounds in the country. 

Sing Together: “Listen, Listen, Little Ears” #1

Teach children a song about listening and invite them to sing along with you.

Sing Together: “The Wheels on the Bus” #2

Sing the “Wheels on the Bus. Encourage the children to make up new lyrics for a different machine, place, or animal.

Talk Together: Changing Our Voices

Discuss how everyone's voice has a different sound. Have children record their names and listen to the voice differences.

Talk Together: Loud and Soft Voices

Talk about changing voice volume with children and have children practice changing the volume of their own voices.

Talk Together: Nighttime Sounds

Darken the room and have children imagine it is nighttime and talk about the nighttime sounds they hear.

Talk Together: Point to the Sound

Revisit the idea that every sound has a source. Introduce the idea that every sound travels one way, or in one direction.

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