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Read Together: I Get Wet #2

Gather children around a faucet and follow the water activity as the text describes.

Read Together: Mrs. McNosh Hangs Up Her Wash #1

Read the story and have children listen to all the silly things Mrs. McNosh washes and hangs up to dry.

Read Together: Mrs. McNosh Hangs Up Her Wash #2

Reread the story. Ask children to recall events and tell what the main idea of the story is.

Read Together: Ten Dirty Pigs/Ten Clean Pigs

Read the story and have children look for all the different ways water moves in the story.

Read Together: Toy Boat #1

Read Toy Boat by Randall de Seve. Help children track the movements of the boat as it floats in the water.

Read Together: Toy Boat #2

Reread Toy Boat by Randal de Seve. Help children visualize the action of the story

Read Together: Toy Boat #3

Reread the story. Focus children on all the things that might make the toy boat sink.

Read Together: Who Sank the Boat? #1

Read the story and have children think about why the boat sinks further into the water each time an animal gets in.

Recite Together: “A Sailor Went to Sea”

Explain the difference between sea and see. Recite the chant and have children clap hands on each beat.

Recite Together: “Big and Small”

Recite the poem and have children act out the motions.

Recite Together: “Busy Beaver”

Recite the poem “Busy Beaver” and invite children to act it out.

Recite Together: “Ten Little Water Drops”

Recite the poem with gestures. Invite children to make up new gestures to show how the water drops moved.

Sing Together: “Row, Row, Row Your Boat”

Divide children into two groups and sing the song as a round.

Talk Together: Dams

Talk about dams and what happens when they put things in water to block its flow.

Talk Together: Drip Drop

Gather children around the faucet and have them describe how the drops form as water drips from the faucet.

Talk Together: Flowing Downhill

Remind children of their ramp explorations. Have children predict what will happen when they pour water down a ramp.

Talk Together: Introduce Float and Sink

Introduce the concepts of float and sink, using rubber bands and pennies as examples.  

Talk Together: Introduce Water

Discuss water with children. Ask them what they know about water, and what happens as water is poured.

Talk Together: Make It Move

Discuss how to make water move with various materials. 

Talk Together: Making Water Drops

Review using an eyedropper and discuss how the water comes out of it.

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