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Draw and Write Together: “Our Bean Seeds” Chart

Have children dictate or write to record observations as children’s plants grow. 

Draw and Write Together: What Did We See?

Have children draw to record an observation they made outside.

Explore Together (indoors): Different Bulbs

Explore different types of bulbs. Have children record observations.

Explore Together (indoors): Look Inside Fruits

Examine the seeds in three different fruits. Encourage children to draw, write, or dictate their observations to compare the seeds.  

Explore Together (indoors): Our Growing Seeds and Bulbs

Have children observe their growing plants. Instruct them to use their science notebooks to draw their plants.

Explore Together (indoors): Responding to Sound

Invite children to create their own music by responding to the sounds they hear indoors. Provide various materials and help children identify and imitate sounds.

Explore Together (outdoors): Outdoor Sounds

Allow children to explore freely making sounds on various outdoor surfaces. Tell children you want them to record at least one observation on a clipboard.

Review the Week Together: Unit 7, Week 1

Revisit the charts, objects, and pictures from the week. 

Talk Together: Flowers, Stems, and Roots

Talk about plant parts and how each part helps the plant grow.

Talk Together: Point to the Sound

Revisit the idea that every sound has a source. Introduce the idea that every sound travels one way, or in one direction.

Talk Together: Rainbow CDs

Help children create their own rainbows using CDs.

Talk Together: What Is a Scientist?

Talk about scientists and make connections to how children use some of the same skills as scientists. 

Watch Together: “A Peep of a Different Color” #1 (PEEP show)

Watch Peep, Quack, and Chirp as they discover what happens when different colors are mixed together.

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