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Sing Together: “Listen, Listen, Little Ears” #1

Teach children a song about listening and invite them to sing along with you.

Sing Together: “Looby Loo”

Invite children to hold hands and form a circle.  Teach the dance song “Looby Loo” and have the children sing and dance.

Sing Together: “Mice Mix Colors” #1

Sing a song while referring to the color-mixing chart to help children review mixing two colors.

Sing Together: “Mice Mix Colors” #2

Invite children to sing and act out the words to a song about mixing colors.

Sing Together: “My Mom Makes Music”

Teach children a chant, “My Mom Makes Music.” Invite children to pluck their guitar each time they hear a word beginning with the /m/ sound.

Sing Together: “Rainbow Song”

Sing a song about the rainbow, allowing children to play the part of one of the colors.

Sing Together: “Row, Row, Row Your Boat”

Divide children into two groups and sing the song as a round.

Sing Together: “The Opposite Song”

Discuss opposite words and then sing the song. 

Sing Together: “The Wheels on the Bus” #2

Sing the “Wheels on the Bus. Encourage the children to make up new lyrics for a different machine, place, or animal.

Sing Together: “The Wheels on the Bus” #3

Discuss how a bus moves from place to place on wheels and then sing a song about a bus and act out the motions.

Sing Together: “This Is the Way We Build a House”

Discuss the different tools used in building a house. Invite children to sing and act out “This is the Way We Build a House.”

Sing Together: “Traffic Light”

Sing a song about traffic lights focusing on the different colors and their meanings.

Talk Together: Feeling the Music

Talk about how different music can make you feel happy, sad, or even silly. Play a piece of music and ask children how they feel.

Talk Together: I Can Do It!

Review the story The Little Engine That Could. Have children share a time they were afraid to go down an inclined plane.

Watch Together: “Lions Jabber, Jig, Jog” (BTL clip)

Play the Between the Lions video “Lions Jabbering, Doing a Jig, and Jogging.” Pause to explain the words jabber, jig, and jog as you watch the video.

Watch Together: “Ruby Sings the Blues” #1 (BTL show)

Watch a Between the Lions video about Ruby who learns to sing a type of music called the Blues. Help children make connections to the video.

Watch Together: “What’s Your Name? (i)” (BTL clip) #2

Watch a short video about the letter “Ii.” Ask children to notice the letter “Ii” when it appears on the screen.

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