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Explore Together (indoors): Responding to Sound

Invite children to create their own music by responding to the sounds they hear indoors. Provide various materials and help children identify and imitate sounds.

Greeting Song: “Clap a Friend’s Name” #3

Sing the greeting song and hold up a name card as children “grow” like a plant. Repeat until every child is included.

Greeting Song: “Good Morning” #1

Sing a greeting song and have the group acknowledge each child by name.

Greeting Song: “Good Morning” #4

Sing the greeting song and hold up a name card for each child to recognize his or her name. 

Greeting Song: “Here We Are Together” #4

Sing “Here We Are Together” with children as they hold up their name cards when they hear their name in the song.

Greeting Song: “I See Someone” #3

Sing the greeting song to three children at a time and clap the parts in their names. Identify whose name was called first, next, and last.

Greeting Song: “Will You Meet a Friend of Mine?” #1

Sing the greeting song and signal to one child and have the whole class greet him or her. 

Greeting Song: “Will You Meet a Friend of Mine?” #2

Hold up a name card in the last line of the greeting song "Will You Be A Friend Of Mine" and have everyone greet that child. 

Greeting Song: “Will You Meet a Friend of Mine?” #5

Have children discuss and choose how they would like to sing the greeting song.

Play Together: "Alphabet Hokey Pokey"

Have children review the letters “Oo,” “Ss,” “Nn,” and “Qq” as they sing “Alphabet Hokey Pokey” with you.

Play Together: “Color Hokey Pokey”

Have children play a game and dance about colors.

Play Together: Growing Seeds

Play soft music and have children act out moving like a plant as it grows.

Play Together: “The Cook in the Kitchen”

Sing the song “The Cook in the Kitchen” as children play the game and become ingredients in the bee-bim bop.  

Read Together: Jazz Baby #1

Have children close their eyes and listen to a short jazz recording before you read the story Jazz Baby by Lisa Wheeler. 

Read Together: Jazz Baby #2

Children imagine they are listening to the music in the story Jazz Baby by Lisa Wheeler as you read it aloud.

Read Together: My Family Plays Music #1

Read a book about a family that likes to make music with many different musical instruments. Help children make connections to the book.

Sing Together: “Abiyoyo Is a Giant”

Have children vary the pitch as they sing and act out the song “Abiyoyo Is a Giant.”  

Sing Together: “Alphabet Hokey Pokey” #1

Gather children in a circle. First teach children the traditional song and motions. Then hand out plastic letters and sing the song for a particular letter.

Sing Together: “I’m Feeling Sorry”

Have children recall the story Tell the Truth, B.B. Wolf and sing the song about the wolf and the three pigs.

Sing Together: “John Jacob Jingleheimer Schmidt”

Sing “John Jacob Jingleheimer Schmidt” with children. Vary the volume of the verse each time you sing and sing the chorus loudly.

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