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Play Together: "Alphabet Hokey Pokey"

Have children review the letters “Oo,” “Ss,” “Nn,” and “Qq” as they sing “Alphabet Hokey Pokey” with you.

Play Together: Bear, Bear, Fish!

Play a game of Duck, Duck Goose, but change the words to Bear, Bear, Fish.

Play Together: Colorful Chairs

Play musical chairs and have children name the color circle on their chair. 

Play Together: “Fish Swish” #1 (PEEP game)

Children play the Peep and the Big Wide World interactive game “Fish Swish” and count how many balloons Quack needs for his friends.

Play Together: Growing Seeds

Play soft music and have children act out moving like a plant as it grows.

Play Together: Huff and Puff Tag

Play this game of tag and have “the wolf” chase after the little pigs. The game ends when all the little pigs have been tagged.

Play Together: Laundry Hat Toss

Have children find hats that go in the laundry and absorb water. Allow them to toss the hats into a laundry basket.

Play Together: Match the Tool

Point to a tool in Tap Tap Bang Bang and call out a child’s name. Have that child find the tool that matches the picture and act out using the tool.  

Play Together: Musical Alphabet Chairs

Stop the music to signal children to sit on a chair. Ask each child to identify the letter on his or her chair.

Play Together: Over, Under, Around, and Through

Play the game to build children’s vocabulary to discuss moving water.  

Play Together: “Paint Splat” #1 (PEEP game)

Have children play an interactive online game and mix paints to match colors.

Play Together: Pig, Pig, Wolf!

Play the game “Duck, Duck, Goose” using words pig and wolf.  

Play Together: “Quack’s Apples” #1 (PEEP game)

Join small groups of children at the Technology Center to have them take turns in helping Quack roll apples down the hill and into the pond.

Play Together: “Red Light! Green Light!”

Discuss traffic lights and play a game allowing children to "stop" on red and "go" on green. 

Play Together: Roll, Roll, Slide!

Have children follow directions as they play the game “Roll, Roll, Slide!” using a block and a ramp.  

Play Together: Seed, Seed, Sprout!

Follow the rules for the game “Duck, Duck, Goose” but change the words to “Seed, Seed, Sprout.”

Play Together: Sink or Float Musical Chairs

Stop the music and have children sit on a chair. Have them grab a ball from under their chair and test whether it will sink or float.

Play Together: Train Time

Have groups act out different characters (trains) from The Little Engine That Could. Find a hill or a low ramp to use as the mountain.

Play Together: Volume Control

Play a game with children where they raise and lower the volume of their voices. Use cardboard remote controls to adjust others’ volumes.

Play Together: Who Took the Potato?

Play this adaptation of “Doggie, Doggie, Your Bone is Gone” to help children build listening skills.

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