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Bear Snores On #1

Read aloud Bears Snores On by Karma Wilson to children. Focus on the sounds in the story, and talk about the sounds animals make.

Draw and Write Together: Boat Characters

Have each child choose a boat character in Toy Boat and continue the story.

Draw and Write Together: City Sounds

Create a number chart with children by using the illustrations and text from City Lullaby. Include the numbers, the noise makers, and the descriptive sound words.

Draw and Write Together: Favorite Sounds

Have children draw a picture that shows the object that makes their favorite sound. Have them complete sentence frames to identify the sound.

Draw and Write Together: Noisy and Quiet

Talk about noisy places and quiet places.  Have children draw themselves in one of these places and help them write a sentence for the drawing.

Draw and Write Together: Wheel Web

Make a chart of things that move on wheels. Encourage children to draw pictures or cut out photos of one of the items.    

Explore Together (indoors): Balls: Float or Sink?

Test children’s predictions and have them record which balls float and which ones sink.

Explore Together (indoors): Boats Afloat

Challenge children to make a boat that will hold the biggest load and still float on the water.

Explore Together (indoors): Build-a-House

Provide the different materials children have used while exploring buildings this week. Allow free exploration and have children use the materials to build a house.

Explore Together (indoors): Cats

Use pictures to describe and categorize cats by their physical characteristics.

Explore Together (indoors): Colors By Hand

Have children explore mixing colors and shades of color with finger paints. 

Explore Together (indoors): Different Voices

Have children explore making different sounds with their voices. Encourage them to use content vocabulary to describe the sounds.

Explore Together (indoors): Drop Size and Shape

Have children explore how water drops behave on different surfaces.   

Explore Together (indoors): Edible and Nonedible Plants

Discuss plants children can and cannot eat. Have them continue to explore their plants and record changes in their science notebooks.

Explore Together (indoors): Exploring Vegetables

Let children freely explore a variety of vegetables and compare them to the plants they are growing.

Explore Together (indoors): Follow Along

Play a recoding of rhythmic instrumental music with a strong beat. Tap the rhythm and have children follow you.

Explore Together (indoors): Free Building

Have children continue building towers. Encourage them to explore using the materials in new ways.

Explore Together (indoors): How Did It Grow?

Have children observe, record, and discuss the changes in the seeds and bulbs they planted.

Explore Together (indoors): How Much Weight?

Continue to explore how much weight their boats can hold and still float using various materials.   

Explore Together (indoors): Indoor Color

Help children make different shades of the color blue.

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