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Explore Together (indoors): Body Sounds

Have children explore making loud and quiet sounds with their hands, feet, and mouths. 

Explore Together (indoors): Build a Bridge

Have children work in pairs to build their bridges.  

Explore Together (indoors): Build a Cup Tower

Children continue to build towers using different materials. Test each tower’s stability.

Explore Together (indoors): Build a House for a Toy

Have children make houses for toys. Focus them on the size of the house so the toys fit inside.

Explore Together (indoors): Build a Representation

Have children build a representation of the building they saw.

Explore Together (indoors): Build a Tower

Have children build towers out of blocks. Have them draw a picture to record their tower.

Explore Together (indoors): Build Ramps

Continue to explore ramp materials, build ramps, and move objects down the ramps. Children discuss and compare how objects move.

Explore Together (indoors): Build Steeper Ramps

Have children build and freely explore sending objects down ramps of different steepness.

Explore Together (indoors): Build Trackways

Have children work in pairs to build a trackway and observe how a marble moves down the track.

Explore Together (indoors): Build with Different Materials

Challenge children to recreate their houses, bridges, and 3-D representations using different materials.

Explore Together (indoors): Building More Towers

Have children continue to explore using different materials to build towers.

Explore Together (indoors): Building Tube Tracks

Have children build tube tracks and explore changing the tracks to make their ball move in different directions.

Explore Together (indoors): Color in Light

Assist children as they create a rainbow using a bottle of water and light.

Explore Together (indoors): Colored Lenses

Have children explore looking at objects indoors through colored transparent materials.

Explore Together (indoors): Different Voices, Different Pitch

Have children explore making different sound pairs with their voices (high sound and a soft sound; low sound and a loud sound, etc.).

Explore Together (indoors): Drums and Scrapers

Have children explore tapping and scraping sounds while using different materials. Encourage further exploration by occasionally commenting and/or posing questions.

Explore Together (indoors): Explore Fruits, Vegetables, Seeds

Let children freely explore a variety of fruits and vegetables with their senses, and compare the seeds in the plants.

Explore Together (indoors): Explore the Library

Take a field trip to a local library, allowing children to explore.

Explore Together (indoors): Food Coloring Mix

Have children explore mixing two different colors of water.

Explore Together (indoors): From Here to There

Group children into teams to figure out ways to move water from one tool to another.

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