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Adding Houses

Measure the lengths of objects by counting the number of blocks along the objects.

Build High

Have children measure the towers they are building and discuss ways to build higher and stronger.

Color Match

Have children copy patterns of colored beads, and then create their own patterns.

Comparing Weight

Demonstrate how to use the balance or homemade scale. Let children compare objects and guess which one is heavier.

Count the Veggies

Have children write a shopping list. Have them count the number of objects they “buy” at the grocery store in the Block Center.

Countdown to Zero

Display the number chart that includes the number zero.  Using your fingers and objects, explain what zero represents in relation to other numbers like one and two.

Counting Sounds

Have children use different materials to make sounds and then count the number of different sounds.

Does It Float?

Have children test objects to see if they will float or sink. Instruct children to place the objects in the “sink” or “float” half of a poster board based on what happened.

Draw and Write Together: Favorite Fruits

Have children try three different kinds of apples. Make a graph of which apple they liked the best.

Draw and Write Together: Favorite Instrument Graph

Print out or draw pictures of musical instruments on a chart and have children place their name card next to the instrument they like best.

Draw and Write Together: “How It Moves” Chart

Discuss children's observations while rolling or sliding objects down ramps. Create a  “Roll” and “Slide” chart with children.

Draw and Write Together: Make a Graph #1

Have children add to the graphs that show how their plants grow over time.

Draw and Write Together: Make a Graph #2

Make a graph of children’s results from the measuring activity.

Draw and Write Together: Plants We Like

Have children make a graph of their favorite plants to eat.

Draw and Write Together: The Vegetable I Like Best

Display a chart of different leaf and root vegetables. Have children graph which they like best.

Draw and Write Together: What Clothes Absorb Water?

Have children identify clothing articles that absorb water and dictate or write a caption about it.

Explore Together (indoors): Cats

Use pictures to describe and categorize cats by their physical characteristics.

Explore Together (indoors): Colors By Hand

Have children explore mixing colors and shades of color with finger paints. 

Explore Together (indoors): How Many Owls?

Have childen count how many owl babies are in an owl family and then count how many owls in the family all together.

Explore Together (indoors): Measuring to Build

Measure the length of the Block Center using a child’s length.

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