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A Ticket to Ride #1

Set up a “ticket stand” and a roller coaster using a table and chairs.  Have children pretend they are buying a ticket and taking a ride on the roller coaster.

A Ticket to Ride #2

Create a roller coaster ride and set up a “ticket booth” and a roller coaster car. Have children act out buying a ticket and taking a roller coaster ride.

Abiyoyo Puppets

Help children make their own Abiyoyo puppets. Model how to draw eyes, a nose, and a mouth on a small paper bag or paper plate.

Abiyoyo Village

Invite children to recreate the setting of Abiyoyo, and retell the story using props. Help children construct the village and recreate the story with them.

Adding Houses

Measure the lengths of objects by counting the number of blocks along the objects.

Aisles of Fruits and Vegetables

Have children use blocks to build fruit and vegetable aisles of a grocery store and then go shopping in the aisles.

All Aboard!

Set up a train ride in the room and have children pretend to ride the train, help them make connections to real train rides.

All Around the Neighborhood

Have children use blocks to build a neighborhood that includes different ramps.

Animal Colors

Have children sort pictures of animals by their colors and talk about how some animals blend into their environment.

Animal Tools: "Chirp Builds a Nest" #3 (PEEP show)

Have children watch the video PEEP and the Big Wide World “Chirp Builds a Nest.” Encourage children to browse through books from the Library Center to find out more about how animals build their homes.

Artificial and Real Plants

Provide some artificial plants and real plants for children to compare with their senses.

At the Carwash

Have children build a carwash out of blocks and to drive the toy cars and truck through for a good washing.

Bear Snores On #1

Read aloud Bears Snores On by Karma Wilson to children. Focus on the sounds in the story, and talk about the sounds animals make.

Block Percussion Center

Invite children to become percussionists like the little girl in My Family Plays Music.  Have them tap the blocks lightly with wooden spoons.

Build a Bay

Place a bin of water in the Block Area to represent a bay. Have children build a coastline around the bay.

Build a Castle

Have children build sand castles to size for a group of toy figures.

Build a Family House

Have children build their own house after looking at pictures of different houses.

Build a Garden

Have children build a block garden using craft foam as the dirt, blocks for a wall, and plastic flowers.

Build a House

Provide children with toy dump trucks and bulldozers so they can excavate in the sand and build a house.

Build a Letter (“Nn”)

Invite children to make the letter “Nn” with blocks. Draw outlines of each letter for children to refer to as they work.

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