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A Windy Day

Go outside on a windy day. Help children become aware of things being moved around by the wind.

Act Out a Ramp Story

Read a book about ramps and help your child make connections to ramps found in your neighborhood.

Animal Homes

Explore the different types of homes animals live in. Then help your child plan and build a house for a favorite animal.

Baby Face

Babies love babies! Share books with your baby that contain pictures of people, especially babies.

Bouncy Time

Try a song or a rhyme as you bounce your baby on your knee or hold her in your arms.

Building Site

Visit a construction site and talk with your child about the tools and machines used by construction workers.

Changing Textures

Explore how the texture and consistency of foods can change as you make a snack with children. Expand the exploration to include dry/wet sand or mud.

Color Games

Colors are everywhere. Play simple games to help your child recognize the colors she sees around her every day.

Color Mix

Playing with paints is a great way to let your toddler express herself, experiment, and have fun.

Colors, Shapes, and More

Nonfiction for toddlers? Yes! Concept books about shapes, colors, numbers, and other topics, helps your child learn about the world around her.

Count Your Fingers and Toes!

Use your baby’s fascination with fingers and toes to have fun counting.

Different Ways to Play

Help children master new skills, remember new ideas, and investigate the world. Find opportunities to include new concepts, ideas, and words in their play in different ways.

Down the Slide

Test how different materials can make your child move down a slide faster, slower, or not at all.

Everyday Toys

Toys don’t have to be fancy or store-bought to bring hours of entertainment for your toddler.

Explore Together (indoors): Rolling Around

Challenge children to build a tube trackway and send a marble down the entire length of the trackway. Encourage children to draw or write to record their observations.

Explore Together (indoors): Voice Volume

Have children focus on exploring volume and timbre with their voices, and then create patterns of sounds for others to repeat.

Explore Together (outdoors): Animal Signs

Take children outside to explore plants and look for evidence that animals have been eating the plants.   

Explore Together (outdoors): Building Dams

Take children outdoors again to continue exploring the flow of water, this time to make dams.

Explore Together (outdoors): Building Shapes

Go outdoors and look for shapes in neighborhood houses and buildings. Have children draw shapes they find and dictate or write what part of the building the shape was found.  

Explore Together (outdoors): Changing Water Flow

Have children observe how water changes directions and slows down or speeds up as it flows down a hill.

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