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Act Out a Ramp Story

Read a book about ramps and help your child make connections to ramps found in your neighborhood.

Baby Face

Babies love babies! Share books with your baby that contain pictures of people, especially babies.

Colors, Shapes, and More

Nonfiction for toddlers? Yes! Concept books about shapes, colors, numbers, and other topics, helps your child learn about the world around her.

Family Photo Book

Your baby will love “reading” a family photo book—or any kind of simple, homemade book you create.

Living Under Water

Help your child learn about animals that live in or around water by looking at pictures and imagining life under water.

Math by the Book

Reading counting books together helps your toddler enjoy and understand math.

Poetry in Motion

Nursery rhymes and poetry for little ones offer rich language, new words, and patterns of language.

Talk and Go

Prepare for new experiences by talking about what is going to happen. Afterwards, talk about what you saw, heard, and did.

Touch and Feel

Babies love to reach, grab, and touch everything! Help him safely explore his sense of touch.

Word Power

Your baby loves hearing your voice! Help him give meaning to the sounds he makes as “da” becomes “da-da.”

Write Stuff

When you write something, invite your baby to join in by giving her a crayon and piece of paper.  

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