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Color Games

Colors are everywhere. Play simple games to help your child recognize the colors she sees around her every day.

Cooking with Math

When your toddler helps you cook, he’s also learning math!

Family Photo Book

Your baby will love “reading” a family photo book—or any kind of simple, homemade book you create.

Listening Station

Set up a listening station in your home where your child can listen to different types of music.

New Flavors

Try a food your child has never had before. Talk about how it tastes and find out where and how it’s grown.

Packing for a Picnic

Planning a picnic together involves lots of early math concepts.

Ready, Set, Squeeze!

Holding objects in his hands and squeezing them is good practice for when your baby eventually holds crayons, markers, and pencils.

Sort It Out

Sorting by color, size, texture, or any other category helps your toddler learn how things are alike or different.

Talk It Up

What does your baby respond to? Talk about his favorite toy or whatever grabs her attention.

Taste Test

Make your child a “taste tester” as you prepare meals. Help her describe how foods smell, feel, look, and taste.

Tasty Traditions

Introduce your child to another culture by making a traditional soup or salad from a culture other than your own.

Word Power

Your baby loves hearing your voice! Help him give meaning to the sounds he makes as “da” becomes “da-da.”

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