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Baby Face

Babies love babies! Share books with your baby that contain pictures of people, especially babies.

Color Games

Colors are everywhere. Play simple games to help your child recognize the colors she sees around her every day.

Color Strip Match

Play a color matching game with your child as you explore colors and shades and tints of colors together.

Cooking with Math

When your toddler helps you cook, he’s also learning math!

Family Photo Book

Your baby will love “reading” a family photo book—or any kind of simple, homemade book you create.

Finger Play

Try these fun songs as you move your hands to go with the words

Move to the Groove

Music is a great way to get your baby moving and sets the stage for later fitness.

Music Makers

Hum, sing, whistle—what other ways can you make music? Try simple, homemade instruments, too!

New Flavors

Try a food your child has never had before. Talk about how it tastes and find out where and how it’s grown.

Packing for a Picnic

Planning a picnic together involves lots of early math concepts.


Playing Peek-a-Boo is not only fun, but helps your baby make an exciting discovery: things are still there when she can’t see them!

Poetry in Motion

Nursery rhymes and poetry for little ones offer rich language, new words, and patterns of language.

Reading and Rhythm

Rhyming books are not only appealing to your baby, they help him learn, too!

Sound Hunt

Turn an outdoor walk with your child into a hunt for sounds. Listen for sounds and identify where they come from.

Talk and Go

Prepare for new experiences by talking about what is going to happen. Afterwards, talk about what you saw, heard, and did.

Theme Music

Pick a “theme” song to help your toddler make transitions throughout the day.

Word Power

Your baby loves hearing your voice! Help him give meaning to the sounds he makes as “da” becomes “da-da.”

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