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All About ME

Make each child a “Book About ME” with family photos and magazine pictures of favorite things. Encourage family members to read the book with their child.

Draw and Write Together: City Sounds

Create a number chart with children by using the illustrations and text from City Lullaby. Include the numbers, the noise makers, and the descriptive sound words.

Draw and Write Together: Favorite Sounds

Have children draw a picture that shows the object that makes their favorite sound. Have them complete sentence frames to identify the sound.

Draw and Write Together: It’s a Whatchamacallit

Have children generate rhyme words as they dictate or write to complete the poem “It’s a Whatchamacallit.”

Draw and Write Together: My Boat

Have children draw a boat they built. Help them write or dictate a caption about something they learned while observing the boat.

Draw and Write Together: Pages of Blue

Have children identify blue items from magazines and assemble a group book. 

Draw and Write Together: Retell The Three Little Javelinas

Have children use puppets to retell the story.

Draw and Write Together: Someone Special

Help children create a picture of someone who is special to them.

Draw and Write Together: Sound Book

Have children collectively make a number book of sounds modeled on the book City Lullaby. Keep the book in the Writing Center for children to view.

Draw and Write Together: Sources of Sounds

Review the “Sounds We Hear” chart with children. Encourage children to share what they have learned about sound. Record any new ideas on the chart.

Draw and Write Together: Updating Our Science Notebooks

Have children draw a picture in their science notebooks and dictate an entry to go with the picture.

Draw and Write Together: We Did It!

Ask children to think of something they were afraid to do the first time. Have children draw a picture of them doing the task.

Draw and Write Together: What We Learned About Worms

Have children draw and dictate or write something they learned about the underground environment.

Draw and Write Together: Wheel Book

Invite children to draw a picture of an activity they do that requires using something with wheels. Create a group “Wheel Book.”

Favorite Sounds

Have children draw pictures about their favorite sounds.  Ask questions about their drawings and write what they tell you under their picture.

Go, Wheels, Go!

Have children make their own information books about wheels. 

Library Card

Help children make their own library cards.

Living Under Water

Help your child learn about animals that live in or around water by looking at pictures and imagining life under water.

Loud and Quiet Book

Have children make their own books about things that are loud and things that are quiet.  Children will share their book with the class on Day 5.

Make a Book about Mixing Colors

Invite children to make up stories about people or make-believe animals mixing paint.

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