Week 1: Rolling and Sliding

Learning Centers

“Zz” Search

Provide children with a copy of a spread from the book Roller Coaster and help them find the letter “Z” hidden in the pictures.

The Zany Zoo

Children dig for zany zoo animals. They identify the animals that begin with the letter “Z” and return them to The Zany Zoo.

My Own Ramp

Have children create a portable and decorative ramp out of various materials. Discuss the explorations children have done with ramps.

Ramp Drawings

Have children draw a picture of a slide or ramp that they have seen. Then have them identify and include pictures of objects they would like to move down ramps.

Ramp Races!

Have children work with partners to build a ramp, and then “race” objects down it. Encourage cooperation to develop children’s social skills.

“Favorite” Book Game

Have children work in pairs or small groups.  Ask one child to choose his or her “favorite” book from the class library and “read” to the other children.

One-on-One Reading: Mama Zooms #3

Read aloud Mama Zooms to individuals or small groups. Name some of the actions in the story and have children repeat and pantomime the actions.

A Ticket to Ride #1

Set up a “ticket stand” and a roller coaster using a table and chairs.  Have children pretend they are buying a ticket and taking a ride on the roller coaster.

Countdown to Zero

Display the number chart that includes the number zero.  Using your fingers and objects, explain what zero represents in relation to other numbers like one and two.

Roll, Slide, or Both

Set up a few ramps of different heights on the end of the sand table.  Have children try sending different objects down the ramps.

“Quack’s Apples” #2 (PEEP game)

For this game, guide children in helping Quack slant the sticks so apples roll down the hill and into the pond.

Things That Roll

Have children make books about things that roll. Guide children to understand the different elements of a book. Have them use drawings and pictures from magazines.

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