Week 2: Building Ramps

Learning Centers

Letter Shape (“Uu”)

Shape pipe cleaners or roll “snakes” from strips of clay to form the letter “Uu.” Have children use the materials to form the letter “Uu.”

Up Mobile

Children make “UP” mobiles by coloring letter squares and identifying pictures of things that go “up.” Hang the mobiles around the room.

Ramp Paintings

Children dip marbles in paint and roll them down ramps to make ramp paintings. Use vocabulary such as roll, slant, and slide to discuss ramps.

Build a Word (up)

Encourage children to use large outlines of the letter “u” and “p” to build the word “up” with blocks.

Independent and Partner Reading, Unit 5, Week 2

Encourage children to select books that interest them and to look at the words and pictures on their own or with other children.

One-on-One Reading: Roller Coaster #3

Read aloud Roller Coaster to individuals or small groups. Ask children to point out things in the illustrations that are important in the story (characters, setting, etc.).

A Ticket to Ride #2

Create a roller coaster ride and set up a “ticket booth” and a roller coaster car. Have children act out buying a ticket and taking a roller coaster ride.

Measure Up

Have children choose a number block card and then measure that many blocks with string so that they can make inclines just the size that they want them.

Sand Chutes

Supply tube chute ramps made of different materials. Have children explore and discuss how sand moves down the different ramps.

“What’s Your Name? (/u/)” #2 (BTL clip)

Encourage active viewing as children watch the video Between the Lions “What’s Your Name? (/u/).” Have children clap, sing, and repeat the names that have a /u/ sound.

“Quack’s Apples” #3 (PEEP game)

Help children slant the sticks with Quack so that the apples roll down the hill and into the pond.

Our Ramp Stories

Have children dictate or write a ramp story about an observation they made while exploring ramps. Children illustrate their stories with magazine pictures.

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