Week 3: Steeper, Faster, Farther

Learning Centers

Letter Shaping (“Dd” and “Ee”)

Trace over both the lowercase and uppercase “Dd” and “Ee” to show children how to form the letters. Then have children form their own letters.

Dots of "D"

Give each child a letter “D” cutout and have them decorate it with various art materials.

Pasta-Wheel Pictures

Invite children to draw something that has wheels and have them use wheel-shaped pasta to represent the wheels.

Rolling, Sliding Drops of Color

Have children use an eyedropper to drip color down a ramp and create a ramp painting. 

“The Little Engine That Could” Mural

Have children draw scenes from a story and create a mural. Allow children to recreate the story using the illustrations in their mural. 

Train Talk

Add train sets to the block center. Encourage children to use blocks to create the tracks for their trains.

All Around the Neighborhood

Have children use blocks to build a neighborhood that includes different ramps.

Independent and Partner Reading, Unit 5, Week 3

Encourage children to select books that interest them and to look at the words and pictures on their own or with a partner.

One-on-One Reading: The Little Engine That Could #3

Read aloud to individuals or small groups and encourage active listening by allowing children to share things they see in the illustrations.

All Aboard!

Set up a train ride in the room and have children pretend to ride the train, help them make connections to real train rides.

Connecting Cube Train Races

Have children build connecting-cube trains to send down ramps, and use nonstandard measuring tools to mark how far the trains travel.

Sand Hills and Ramps

Children make an obstacle course at the Sensory Table as they freely explore the materials to make ramps, hills, and slides.

Our Rolling and Sliding

Invite children to watch videos of themselves rolling and sliding objects down ramps with different surfaces.

Go, Wheels, Go!

Have children make their own information books about wheels. 

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