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3-D Houses

Have children build three-dimensional houses with boxes for the three little pigs. Glue straw on the first box, sticks on the second box, and red paper squares on the third box.

A World of Color Mural

Have children recreate something they observed in nature and make a group mural of all the pictures.

Abiyoyo Puppets

Help children make their own Abiyoyo puppets. Model how to draw eyes, a nose, and a mouth on a small paper bag or paper plate.

All About ME

Make each child a “Book About ME” with family photos and magazine pictures of favorite things. Encourage family members to read the book with their child.

Bear Cave Sounds

Invite children to recreate a bear habitat using blocks. Talk about where bears live and the sounds they might hear.

Beautiful “B”

Have children trace the letter “B” onto their paper. Remove the stencil and have them decorate the page.


Show the blueprint in Building a House by Byron Barton. Have children draw a blueprint for a building they would like to build.

Build a Garden

Have children build a block garden using craft foam as the dirt, blocks for a wall, and plastic flowers.

Build a Library

Encourage children to use blocks to build things they might find in a library.

Chicks and Salsa

Have children draw a picture of their favorite scene from Chicks and Salsa.

Class Band T-shirt

Invite children to make suggestions for a band name.  Have them dictate their suggestion and write it on a construction paper t-shirt.  Have children decorate the shirt.

Color Mix

Playing with paints is a great way to let your toddler express herself, experiment, and have fun.

Color Mixing

Have children continue to explore making new colors with colored plastic wrap and finger paints.

Color Strip Match

Play a color matching game with your child as you explore colors and shades and tints of colors together.

Colored Pencil Night Drawings

Show children the illustration of the raccoon and her babies in Night in the Country. Encourage children to draw a night scene using colored pencils.

Colored Water Drop Design

Have children create water drop designs by letting colored water drops flow down a ramp.

Compare Story Murals

Create a mural about The Three Little Javelinas. Display the mural near the one you made last week to compare the settings.

Dancing Fingers

Encourage children to move their hands to the music as they finger paint. Talk about the music and the ways children are moving their fingers to it.

Decorate and Match Uppercase and Lowercase Letters

Have children decorate and match pairs of uppercase and lowercase letters.

Decorate (“C”)

Cut out a large lowercase letter “c” for children to decorate together.

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