Week 4: Keep On Rolling

Learning Centers

Letter Shaping (“Hh”)

Shape pipe cleaners or roll “snakes” from strips of clay to form the letter “Hh.” Have children use the materials to form the letter “Hh.”

Fish for Letters (hill)

Identify the letters in hill. Fish for the letters in the word hill and arrange the letters to match the word on the word card.

Samantha’s Ride

Invite children to illustrate their favorite part of Samantha on a Roll. Allow children to use the book as reference.

Road Obstacles

Have children construct a long winding highway. Challenge them to include various obstacles that the cars and trucks must go around.

Independent and Partner Reading, Unit 5, Week 4

Encourage children to select books that interest them and to look at the words and pictures on their own or with other children.

One-on-One Reading: Ten on the Sled #3

Read aloud to individuals or small groups. Talk about the main idea of the book. Ask children to point out things in the illustrations that are important in the story (characters, setting, etc.).

Pass Through the Obstacles

Have children set up an obstacle course and construct a game in which players need to find a way to pass the obstacles to get through the course. 

Heavy and Light

Set up two boxes: one labeled “Heavy” and one labeled “Light.” Have children sort various objects by weight. 


Help children construct a set of ramps to explore how water travels along slanted inclines. Encourage them to place different obstacles along the waterways. 

"Homemade Hills” (PEEP live-action clip)

Encourage active viewing and listening as children watch the video PEEP and the Big Wide World “Homemade Hills.”

Ten on Our Sleds

Have children dictate or write their own stories about animals on a sled. Encourage children to use alliteration. 

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