Week 1: Seeds and Sprouts

Learning Centers

Letter Shaping (“Ff”)

Model how to use the materials to shape the letter “Ff.” Have children form their own letter “Ff.”

Fish for Letters (farm)

Display the farm word card and identify the letters in the word. Let children take turns fishing for the letters in farm.

Fruit and Vegetable Still Life

Have children make a still life painting of a fruit or vegetable. Encourage them to carefully observe the shape and color of their plant. 

Fruit and Vegetable Faces

Show the face made from fruits and vegetables in Eating the Alphabet. Have children create their own fruit and vegetable faces. 

Grocery Store #1

Have children use blocks and bins to build a grocery store. Focus them on how to sort and organize the toy foods.

Independent and Partner Reading, Unit 8, Week 1

Encourage children to select books that interest them and to look at the words and pictures on their own or with other children.

One-on-One Reading: Eating the Alphabet: Fruits & Vegetables from A to Z #3

Read aloud Eating the Alphabet bt Lois Elhert and have children point to and name the fruits and vegetables. 


Invite children to pretend cook and bake a favorite recipe or a recipe from the book Chicks and Salsa. Then serve it to friends and teach them how to make the recipe.

Tasting Center

Create a tasting center with different foods on a table. Have children describe the foods and talk about what they like and dislike about each one.

Fruit and Vegetable Sort

Help children sort fruits and vegetables, then count the number of each type of fruit or vegetable.

Above Ground or Underground

Fill the table with sand or dirt and have children dig for plants. Have them decide which plants belong above ground and which ones belong underground. 

Cliff Hanger and the Fabulous Flying Fish (BTL clip)

Watch the video Between the Lions “Cliff Hanger and the Fabulous Flying Fish.” Have children listen for words beginning with the /f/ sound.

Tomato and Cheese Sandwich

Have children draw to illustrate as you read the steps it takes to make a tomato and cheese sandwich.

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