Week 1: Sounds All Around

Learning Centers

Letter Shaping (“Ss”)

Have children use various materials to shape the uppercase and lowercase letter "Ss."

Listening Pictures

Children draw a portrait of themselves listening to a sound and draw the object that is the source of the sound. 

Listening Walk

Invite children to build their own “Listening Walk” by creating a pathway with blocks and placing sound cards along the path.

Independent and Partner Reading, Unit 3, Week 1

Encourage children to select a book that interests them and to look at the words and pictures on their own or with another child.

One-on-One Reading: The Listening Walk #3

Read aloud The Listening Walk to individuals or small groups and help children make connections to the sounds in the book.

Percussion Band

Have children use sticks tap out different rhythms on various surfaces.

Counting Sounds

Have children use different materials to make sounds and then count the number of different sounds.

Letter Molds (“Ss”)

Have children press “Ss” letter molds into the sand. Encourage them to use their fingers to make the letters in the sand as well.

Listening to Sounds #1

Play a video of children making sounds and have children recreate the sounds using different materials.

My Favorite Sound

Have children draw a picture that features their favorite sound and then dictate or write a description.

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