Children (3 - 5 years)

Most children love all kinds of music activities—listening to music, singing songs, dancing, or creating their own music. These activities give your child lots of opportunities for learning and expressing himself creatively. Here are just a few: 

  • When your child claps, stomps, or plays an instrument to a beat, he builds physical motor and math skills.
  • When he hears and sings a song, he builds language and listening skills.
  • When he plays his own instruments, moves different parts of his body, and experiments with his voice, he engages in creative expression.
  • When he listens to music from around the world, he begins to understand that music is important to people everywhere.

Listen to music from different cultures and countries around the world together. This will help your child begin to see that there is a big world outside his own environment.

  • Be sure to include music and songs from your own culture so your child can get to know the music you or other family members enjoy.

While listening to music from a particular culture, you can snuggle up with a story, photo book, or tale from or about that part of the world. Have fun noticing things that are the same as or different from your family's culture and traditions. 

For media resources about music, visit the Children's section on the site and click on "Unit 4: Making Music".

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